Grace Hopper documentary – “The Queen of Code”

The Queen of Code at FiveThirtyEight

Also, an interview with the director of the short film at NPR, on All Tech Considered:
Grace Hopper, ‘The Queen Of Code,’ Would Have Hated That Title

The moth, or first computer “bug” mentioned in the video and audio above.

There’s also a Grace Hopper GitHub sticker (shown below) called the “Gracehoptocat.” The sticker was given out at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

"Gracehoptocat" - GitHub sticker

[sidenote: The video clip on FiveThirtyEight has a Javascript embed code, which won’t work on WordPress without some tinkering. Thankfully, “The Queen of Code” video is also hosted on YouTube as shown in this post.]