Just a Little Acronym We Thought Up

xkcd comic on Douglas Engelbart and the “Mother of All Demos” in 1968




The video below is the “Mother of All Demos” at the Internet Archive

1968 Demo – FJCC Conference Presentation Reel #1 by SRI International

UCLA Differential Analyzer – 1948 film

UCLA’s 1948 Mechanical Computer Was Simply Gorgeous To Watch in Action, by Matt Novak at Paleofuture

I’ll need to get more information on the film clip’s provenance — it’s shown here through Gizmodo’s Vimeo channel without a source reference. It’s listed in the Paleofuture article as released by Popular Science via Paramount Pictures, 1948 (possible through Shields Pictures Inc.).


More information at UCLA, “The Thinking Machine

In December of 1977, the last working model of a mechanical differential analyzer in the world is donated by UCLA to the Smithsonian Institution for its pioneering computing display. The differential analyzer introduced much of Southern California industry to automatic computing, but became obsolete beginning in 1960 as it was replaced by computing machines with electronic circuits and vacuum tubes. From 1960 on, it was used mainly as a display piece, clanking away occasionally for student and public demonstrations.

Two more video clips of the UCLA differential analyzers at the Computer History Museum (these video clips are not embeddable):